First Steps

Take the first step in your walk with God at TLC

Time & Location

Every Sunday - 11am
Every Sunday - 11am

First Steps Room

Led by Clayton & Jordyn Bridge
Join us for Donuts, Coffee, Water, etc.

Step One

You’ll hear The Life Church story and find out what we’re all about from Pastor Shay. We’ll share our mission and how we accomplish that through our vision and values.

Step Two

Loving God - it’s the first and greatest commandment. You'll learn what the Bible says about loving God and how The Life Church can support you in your own relationship with God!

Step Three

Loving people - it’s the second commandment and closely connected to the first. Loving people means loving them as we love ourselves - what a high mark! We’ll also discuss a few ways that we facilitate loving people at The Life Church.

Step Four

We could never accomplish all that we’re doing at The Life Church without our Dream Team! Together, we get to make a difference in our church, city, and North Dallas - and now you can join the team and help make a difference too!

Get Involved at The Life Church

Attend All 4 Weeks of First Steps

Each week, First Steps happens between services. Step One happens the first Sunday, Step Two the second Sunday, etc

Sign-Up for the Dream Team

Sign-Up for 1-3 teams in class or at any time in the Church Center app.

Begin Serving

Attend orientation and begin serving within 4 weeks from completing First Steps!

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